Organic Mild Cheddar Cheese

This firm rindless cheese has a shiny surface and is made of pasteurized organic milk that comes mainly from farms in the Sorel-Tracy region. In response to growing demand from consumers, the Laiterie Chalifoux tested the lactose levels of its cheese, including its fresh Cheddar, and they are so low that that they are considered lactose-free cheeses.

% Daily Value

Per : Per 3 cm cube (30 g)

Calories : 110

Fat : 9g / 14%

Saturated : 6g

Trans : 0.3g

Fat percentage : 32%

Cholesterol : 30mg

Sodium : 170mg / 7%

Carbohydrate : 0g / 0%

Fibre : 0g / 0%

Sugars : 0g

Protein : 8g

Vitamin A : 6%

Vitamin C : 0%

Calcium : 20%

Iron : 0%

About Organic Mild Cheddar Cheese :

Available in white blocks, with a flavour of butter and cream, and a touch of acidity that gives it a sharp, fresh taste. It is a hit with fresh fruit and in salads, quiches, omelettes, soups, gratins and sandwiches.

  • Pasteurized organic milk
  • Salt
  • Calcium chloride
  • Microbial enzyme
  • Bacterial culture

MOISTURE: 39% M.F.: 31%
SIZES : 630g, 18 kg


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