Dairy trendsetter wins the Consumer Acceptance Award

VARENNES, Québec, June 1, 2017 — Riviera was recognized at the Canadian Grand Prix for having conquered consumers with their GMO-free yogurt available in five flavours: strawberry, lemon, coffee, vanilla and plain. This prestigious industry distinction confirms the immense commercial success the company has enjoyed since the fall of 2016. The Riviera Collection Parfaits in the 2x120g format, in chocolate and caramel flavours, were among the finalists in the food products category.

Consumers voted!

During the Award Gala on May 31, hosted by Ben Mulroney at the Toronto Congress Centre, Riviera won the prize for its line of set-style GMO-free yogurt in the 750g format. This special award is presented to the participating product having reached the highest score from Nielsen’s Homescan program—thus, among the finalists it was the product that was most often scanned!

This is the company’s fourth distinction in the past two years. In 2016, it received prizes for the best dairy product, the most innovative packaging, as well as the much-sought-after prize for best product, all categories combined, which it won for its line of Riviera yogurt in small glass jars.

Rewarding the industry’s cream of the crop

This annual contest, held by the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), celebrates new products in various categories: food products, non-food products and house brands. The program aims to reward Canadian manufacturers, suppliers and distributors who work in the consumer products industry and to recognize and encourage best practices in innovation and new product development.

A distinction that delights the company

“It’s a real source of pride for us to be once again rewarded for our continued efforts to make simple yet audacious products for consumers! Receiving the award for the most popular consumer product for our GMO-free yogurt emboldens our work to remain a creative and cutting-edge brand so that we can continually entice clients. We are fortunate to have conquered our consumers’ hearts!” stated Martin Valiquette, Director General of Riviera.

First in the new line of GMO-free products, Riviera’s 98% GMO-free yogurt is made from dairy cow milk as well as other ingredients that are all GMO free! Finally! The freedom to eat healthy, all-natural yogurt that is entirely free of genetically modified organisms!

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About Riviera

Founded in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, in 1920, the Chalifoux Dairy Farm made a major shift in 2017 to be known from then on as Riviera, the name of its star product line. Always at the forefront of dairy trends, the company offers white cheese, fine cheeses and cheddars, milk and cream, the line of yogurt and products for Petit Pots cuisine and Parfaits desserts.

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Did you know that Greek yogourt has a little French cousin? Indeed, French-style fresh cheese is a creamy fresh cheese from France. Much like Greek yogourt, it has a smooth consistency, with the advantage of a milder and rounder flavour.

This traditional French cuisine food is now also a product offered on this side of the Atlantic, by Laiterie Chalifoux. At Chalifoux, we like to draw inspiration from the best European products and always be a trendsetter in the culinary world.

Chefs and gourmets agree to say that what makes a French-style fresh cheese delicious is the quality of the milk used to produce it. In Quebec, we have access to high-quality milk. Quebec’s delicious milk, combined with the dairy house’s expertise, acquired over nearly a century, allow us to create a French-style fresh cheese that is as mild and tasty as that of our French cousins.


Seducing North American Taste Buds

If in France its popularity is undeniable, French-style fresh cheese is getting more and more popular here in North America, notably in several renowned restaurants like Blackbird in Chicago, Proof Bakery in Los Angeles, as well as New York’s Michelin-recommended restaurant, Benoit.

Indeed, many great North American chefs have adopted French-style fresh cheese for its creamy texture and subtle flavour, which make it a favourite in fresh desserts, such as fresh cheese sorbet, as served by Benoit, in New York. French-style fresh cheese is also smooth enough to create tasty cheesecakes like the one from Proof Bakery, the highly popular “Fromage Blanc Cheesecake”.

Keep your eyes open, you’ll certainly see it more and more, among the ingredients used by your favourite chefs. And to cook it for yourself, visit the nearest grocery store, and look for it in the dairy product aisle!







A triple reward that perfectly highlights this product’s dazzling debut in Quebec’s dairy landscape.


SOREL-TRACY, Quebec, June 6, 2016 –  Riviera Petit Pot’s line of set-style yogurt, by Laiterie Chalifoux, took the highest honours at the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards, last Wednesday June 1st in Toronto.

The Canadian food industry was celebrating 2015’s innovative products at the 23rd edition of Canada’s most prestigious contest of its kind. A panel of consumers, food critics, packaging designers and marketing executives selected the 34 awards presented at the event.

Laiterie Chalifoux completed a hat trick with its line of Riviera Petit Pot yogurt. It received the award for best dairy product, best innovative packaging, as well as the much-coveted award for best new product across all categories! This award gathers nearly one hundred new products.

Aiming to position itself as the dairy trendsetter, Laiterie Chalifoux made a wise decision, launching the Riviera Petit Pot product line last September. This product stands out with a sophisticated look, a glass jar that is reminiscent of country-style cooking and the art of entertaining, as well as a creamy recipe that evokes flavours of our past.

About Laiterie Chalifoux

In tune with its customers for four generations now, Laiterie Chalifoux specializes in the processing of dairy products that it markets across Canada. Founded in 1920 in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Laiterie Chalifoux is the manufacturer of an award-winning brand, Riviera. It includes fresh cheeses, variety cheeses and cheddars, milk and cream, a yogurt product line and Petit Pot kitchenware, as well as several white cheeses that are now available.

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